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Building your own startup in 100 days – we create competitive companies in record time!

We actively accompany you from the idea to the finished product!

Strategic company building is an effective tool for bringing innovative ideas to market in a comparatively short time and making one’s own brand competitive in new business areas. With professional, external support, the start-up process can be implemented with little effort and risk.

What is Company Building?

Company building (also venture building) refers to the systematic establishment of new companies by an external entrepreneurial partner. In this process, the dynamic startup culture can be ideally combined with the already existing industry knowledge of the established company.
Even long-established companies often do not see the benefit of entering new markets. The reasons are usually similar:

  • Achieving operational targets has priority, which is why ideas for new approaches have no place.
  • Current day-to-day business does not allow for the release of resources in terms of time and personnel.
  • Test phases drag on due to inexperience and inefficient project management.
  • Employees do not have the necessary skills to effectively execute a startup.
  • The risk of a startup failing seems too high and thus not economically viable.

Don’t let your employees’ innovative ideas go unrecognized!

New business models for your business – the advantages of Company Building

Even seasoned companies often overlook the numerous positive effects Company Building has in the short and long term:

  • Systematic implementation of ideation processes.
  • Exploration of new business opportunities.
  • Structured expansion of your own innovative strength.
  • Cross-industry positioning.
  • Competitiveness in several industries.
  • Increased attractiveness as an employer.
  • More customers from different markets.
  • Increasing sales figures.

Identify new competitive opportunities before your competition!
In our proven Company Building program, we help you test innovative ideas and new business models and make them ready for the market. We work together with experienced entrepreneurs to minimize the risks of a start-up and save you and your team headaches.

Establish your company successfully on the market with little effort

A start-up entails a high entrepreneurial risk … At least that is the assumption of many managers. It seems too unsafe to start new companies in unknown industries.
Unlike an accelerator or venture capitalist, we support you not only during the start-up phase or through the mediation of investors.
We stand by your side in every phase of the foundation.

As an experienced corporate company builder …

  • we combine the dynamics of a startup with the resources of your business.
  • we create a project plan that leads you to the foundation in 100 days.
  • we advise you in cooperation with our network of experts.
  • we impart knowledge from which your company will profit in the long term.
  • we scale your business with the help of marketing and sales measures.
  • we increase your brand attractiveness towards customers and talents.
  • we lower your risk with our know-how when starting a new business.

Start up safely with the right company builder!

What makes a good company builder?

A good company builder provides operational support to companies during the entire internal formation process of corporate startups. In doing so, they have their own broad network of serial entrepreneurs in order to cover as many markets, business models and company processes as possible.

Due to the existing know-how of the Corporate Company Builder, the founding company can thus obtain valid market feedback particularly quickly, cost-effectively and at low risk.

Thus, with the help of the Company Builder, an independent company with new business models is created, which can also be expanded into a subsidiary or spin-off and financed. The startups can then be successfully integrated by the parent company, sold, or operated and expanded in the future.

We develop sustainable successful structures for your business!

Company Building with GERMANTECH

Through our successful 3-step start-up process, we map the entire value chain for innovation processes and guide you to a completed start-up in 100 days:

1. Ideation

In the first step, we analyze your company and the competitors on the market together with the experts from our network. Thereby we determine pain points as well as innovation potentials. Then we start with ideation, which we carry out together with your team and which leads to the development of a first prototype.

2. Insights

In the Lean Startup method, we then immediately create a Minimal Viable Product, i.e. a very slimmed-down but already usable version of the final product, in order to test it on the market. In this way, you receive direct feedback from the target group early on in the start-up process and at the same time do not have to take any risks with the release.

3. Implementation

Finally, we incorporate the results of the market test into the minimum viable product, resulting in a market-ready product. We scale this to meet demand after go-live. In addition, we continue to monitor user behavior after the market launch in order to make changes to the product if necessary.

Case Study:
Company Building Program with EWE

The energy supply industry counts a number of established groups, which is why the business is highly competitive and companies will only be able to stand out from the competition in the future with new, innovative ideas.

EWE AG has also been one of the top players in the industry for decades, with proven and tested business structures. The main focus of the collaboration was therefore on identifying opportunities to expand the core business. These were to be more favorable than a merger or a company acquisition (mergers & acquisitions). In addition, the entire start-up phase should be more results-oriented than internally conducted research and development processes (R&D), which do not result in a concrete product in the end.

The challenge to Company Building was to build a portfolio of startups which – in contrast to regular startups – receive direct support from EWE and thus have a market advantage.

In the long term, these startups should directly support the expansion of core businesses as well as the development of digital competencies.

In our 100-day company-building process, we produced more than 180 ideas and 46 product pitches. We were helped by insights from market-leading information and our proven company-builder measures. We gained valuable feedback in 8 product-market fit tests of Minimum Viable Products, which ultimately resulted in 3 new sub-companies for EWE.

In our 100-Day Company Building Program, you will work with experienced founders from idea to launch.

Your contact for Company Building

Michael Gröger
Managing Director

Through our Company Building program, you will go through a proven startup process that is complemented by the expertise of our ecosystem of entrepreneurs. We’ll be happy to advise you on how Company Building can make your business more successful.

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