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Solution promotion, network expansion, brand building.

We create synergies between innovative tech startups and enable your business to network at the next level with entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. Because sustainable growth is only possible with a broad network.

What are Innovation Awards?

At the Innovation Awards, numerous startups compete each year to present digital solutions and business models for problems in their industry in classic pitches. A jury and live audience vote on the winners, who receive funding of several tens of thousands of euros.

Make contact with the idea generators of tomorrow!

How do the Innovation Awards help your business?

When it comes to coming up with new, innovative ideas, established companies always have the same recurring problems:

  • Lack of internal resources
  • Rigid project management
  • Inexperience of employees
  • General operational blindness
  • Lack of management support

As our partner in hosting the Innovation Awards, we enable you and your company to gain insight into the latest startup trends in various industries.

You get to know unconventional approaches to solving well-known problems in your industry, gain access to a unique startup network and thus the opportunity to successfully position your brand.

Which industry has particularly great potential for your company?

The advantages of the Innovation Awards for your business

Hosting award ceremonies in new and exciting business sectors will result in numerous benefits for the economy and your business:

  • Regular startup events promote young entrepreneurship
  • Professional exchange among entrepreneurs
  • New, disruptive solutions for familiar problems
  • Positioning as an attractive employer
  • Expansion of the international network
  • Increasing brand awareness in new industries

Innovation Awards with GERMANTECH

With the help of our Innovation Awards, we promote dialog between young entrepreneurs and visionaries. In order to found a startup and make it successful, one factor is indispensable: the network.

At our startup events and award ceremonies, we bring experts and mentors together with founders and decision makers, creating unique opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

A creative environment fosters new startup trends, enables the elaboration of disruptive startup ideas and lays the foundation for healthy economic growth.

As a co-hosting company, you gain access to a community of founders from a wide range of industries. This offers you and your business completely new opportunities for brand placement and lead generation.

We are the link between your business and the most innovative tech startups!

Case Study:
Innovation Awards with Union Investment

Together with the investment company Union Investment, we have successfully organized the annual PropTech Innovation Awards since 2017. The company stands for future-oriented real estate investments worldwide and promotes digital transformation in one of the most traditional industries.

In order to expand and develop new business models, a broad startup network was to be established to tap new potential for the company.

The PropTech Innovation Award not only honors and promotes innovative startup ideas every year, but also enables the exchange with digital experts from all over the world.

To date, more than 600 applications from over 60 countries have been received and the award ceremonies have been watched by thousands of spectators.

We successfully connect entrepreneurs!

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Get access to an extensive startup network and promote creative solutions to problems in your industry! We advise you in detail about the advantages of hosting Innovation Awards.

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