Intrapreneurship –
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How to multiply the innovative power of your business with the help of intrapreneurs.

We turn your employees into successful intrapreneurs!

Intrapreneurship – the key to the digital age that makes companies truly successful. Where other companies still stand in their own way due to rigid decision management, intrapreneurs can decisively drive the entrepreneurial spirit and competitiveness of a business.

What are intrapreneurs?

Intrapreneurs are internal company employees who are themselves entrusted with entrepreneurial and innovation-oriented activities. They are therefore often referred to as entrepreneurs within their own company. The term is a combination of the words intracorporate and entrepreneur.

But what exactly are the tasks of an intrapreneur?

First and foremost, intrapreneurs are tasked with developing ideas for products, daring to try new approaches and constantly questioning and optimizing existing processes. In addition to their regular working hours, they are given additional space for their entrepreneurial activities, which they use on their own responsibility to achieve the goals they have set themselves.

What does an intrapreneur need?

A good intrapreneur mindset is made up of the following characteristics:

  • Independence
  • Solution orientation
  • Self-reflection
  • High motivation
  • Perception
  • Creativity
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Open-mindedness
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Entrepreneurial thinking

But especially the understanding for entrepreneurial action is not always given from the beginning. In our intrapreneurship workshops, we provide you and your employees with the necessary intrapreneur mindset to acquire problem-solving skills and to actively shape improvement processes in the company.

How your company can implement intrapreneurship correctly

Changes in a company require time, open-mindedness and a plan. Too often, even large corporations fail because of their own entrenched conventions and thus close themselves off to innovative ideas.

The consequence? Customers, employees and the company’s own business suffer.

In our intrapreneurship workshops, we work with your team to develop solutions that can take years to create and implement without professional guidance. Therefore we sensitize you in programs of several weeks for the work processes of intrapreneurship. We show you how to analyze the market effectively, how to plan resources realistically and how to run your project management in an agile way.

What factors promote intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship inevitably requires changes in a company. In order for intrapreneurs to be able to implement their tasks optimally, they must first and foremost be able to rely on the support of the management level.

But other factors are also essential for successful intrapreneurship:

  • Creative corporate culture
  • Realistic resource planning
  • Functioning internal and external communication channels
  • Decision-making power of intrapreneurs
  • Motivating error management
  • Employee participation in success
  • Knowledge promotion and training opportunities

Young talents want to make a difference – does your business allow this?

Working just for the money has long since ceased to reflect the spirit of the times. Young graduates want to realize their own potential and achieve something – not only personally, but also with their employer.

In employment, therefore, they sometimes reach their limits, because companies do not operate an effective idea management system and managers are reluctant to accept supposedly risky innovative approaches. In the long term, this leads to increasing dissatisfaction among employees and a decline in the company’s competitiveness.

Harness the entrepreneurial drive of your employees!

By promoting intrapreneurship in your team at an early stage, you will benefit from numerous advantages in the long term:

  • Higher profit through more innovative ideas and disruptive approaches.
  • Increasing attractiveness as an employer through positive employer branding.
  • Cost savings through internal innovation management.
  • Improved workflows and higher productivity.
  • Faster time to market through better project management.
  • Less time required, as intrapreneurs know structures and specifications.
  • Operational development through new business lines.
  • Higher identification of employees with the company.

Intrapreneurship with GERMANTECH

The successful implementation of a functioning intrapreneurship is a complex process.

Often, a lack of structure, no experience, and a certain operational blindness slow down the identification of priorities.

Plan from the beginning solution-oriented and with experts in the field!

With our objective view of your business and the industry experience of our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, we discuss problems and potential future challenges early on.

In our intrapreneurship workshops we give you all the skills that make a perfect intrapreneur:

  • Project marketing and stakeholder management
  • Resource planning and cost calculation
  • Market, competition and risk analysis
  • Creativity techniques for ideation processes
  • Customer-centered work
  • Error management and processing

The participants are actively involved in the ideation and problem solving of cases from their own companies. In small teams, which we selectively supplement with experts from our network, we want to successfully implement innovative processes together in the long term.

Intrapreneurship requires precise resource planning – we help you!

As with the implementation of other new work processes, the success of a functioning intrapreneurship also depends on the provision of sufficient resources.

Both in terms of personnel, time and finances, planning must accordingly be done with a certain foresight.

Financing in particular often falls on deaf ears with decision-makers. Yet the capital to support intrapreneurship is usually readily available – in contrast to entrepreneurs, who bear a financial risk with every decision.

It is therefore advisable to provide a dedicated coprorate venturing budget to constantly promote internal development.

In our intrapreneurship workshop we show you how to plan your venture capital realistically and invest in the right places. Due to our entrepreneurial experience and the view from the outside, we can recognize pain points as well as potentials in your business at an early stage. Together we identify solutions and develop them to market maturity.   

Your business has already established an internal venture? Find out in our self-test where there is currently still room for improvement.

Case Study:
Intrapreneurship Program
with Volkswagen

The automotive industry is highly competitive, which is why innovative ideas and novel approaches are crucial for long-term competitiveness in the market.

Together with the Volkswagen team, we faced the challenge of elaborating their own ideas into sustainable and strategically relevant business models, thus creating long-term potential for new jobs.

To this end, the selected VW employees went through our intrapreneurship program, which lasted several weeks, and received practical support for the development of future potential business areas for VW AG. We supplemented the teams with experts from science and practice.

As a solution, we created an intrapreneurship program in which mentors guide employees through each step of the startup process. VW supports the development of a testable product within a functioning startup, which can be spun off as an independent business unit in the future.

We actively support you in the implementation of intrapreneurship in your business – project-related or as a permanent concept.

Your contact on the topic of intrapreneurship

Michael Gröger
Managing Director

You want to successfully promote intrapreneurship in your company? We advise you without obligation on our workshops and mentoring programs and show you how intrapreneurship can help your business!

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