Today we are discussing what will be relevant for the innovation industry tomorrow.

Digitization is constantly changing our world in both the private and professional sectors – and at an enormous speed.

To keep up with the development, we regularly exchange ideas with industry pioneers on the latest trends in our podcast. We bring inspiring speakers from the stage to your ears and discuss the positive possibilities of technology and entrepreneurship for a sustainable future.


Following our WORLDCHANGERS IN TECH event series, we regularly talk to founders and digital players about their experiences in the industry. They give us a glimpse behind the scenes of their own companies and show us how they drive innovation.

Latest episode:
The Invisible Food Waste Killer – INVISIBLE FOODS

In this episode, Jonas Kwaschik, Co-Founder of the startup Invisible Food, talks about the amounts of food that are lost even before they are delivered to our supermarkets. Invisible Foods captures food losses along the supply chain thanks to smart technologies and helps companies develop new upcycling products and reduces. Listen in right now to learn more about this important topic!

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WORLDCHANGERS IN TECH – Innovation Edition

In the Innovation Edition of our WCIT podcast, we discuss the status quo of entrepreneurial culture in Germany. To what extent is innovation already driven in large corporates and startups and how can it be effectively promoted?

Latest Episode:
Dr. Inken Braunschmidt: Corporate Innovation

Together with Dr. Inken Braunschmidt, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer and member of the Executive Board at Halma and one of the “Top 100 Data Visionaries” from 2020, shares her years of experience in corporate innovation. Where does Germany need to position itself more strongly to drive corporate innovation? What strategies and questions are relevant for companies in the field of corporate innovation? Get the answers in the latest episode!

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