An inspiring INNOVARE at GTEC with the Global Shapers Community nudging the circular economy.

How can we improve our footprint on the world and enhance our own lives and the lives of future generations? This was the question that was asked on this edition of INNOVARE, the Innovation Meet Up, Nudging the circular economy, on the 5th of December at GTEC Frankfurt.

Looking beyond the current take-make-dispose extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. The Global Shapers Community Frankfurt was at GTEC to exactly show how we can benefit from a circular economy and bring this dialogue to the citizens, in order to inspire them to come up with ideas on nudging individuals into adopting circular thinking in an urban context.

Silvia Ainio of the global Shapers Community Frankfurt explained that they represent and are engaged with a wide diversity of stakeholders and industries that are deeply involved with circular economy topics in their day-to-day business. They have noticed how, in diverse and dynamic urban context, it is pivotal to develop a circular business model that does not only protect resources and environment but can also generate positive social impact. Cooperation between stakeholders, from infrastructure users and providers, to industry and start-ups and regulatory authorities becomes a crucial issue to achieve this.

But cooperation alone is not enough. Daniel Hinchliffe, also a member of the The global shapers community, gave his expert view on our impact on the circular economy as citizens and consumers. In order to make circular solutions main-stream and to scale them up for the benefit of all, inclusivity and human centricity are the key and unmissable ingredients. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system.

This Innovare did not just gave room to the speakers of the Global Shapers Community, but engaged the audience through a design-thinking workshop focused on four main topics: food recycle and upcycle, built environment, circular fashion and plastics recycle and reuse. The audience was divided in groups after each topic. Turbulent discussions and great examples of unconventional and original thinking followed, that turned into ideas which each topic group presented in a short pitch. Opvallend was that there was a general consensus about the importance of the shared economy that in many ideas overlapped the circular economy. Some ideas were indeed very impressive and there was an entrepreneural spirit in the air that might even turn some of these ideas in real Start Ups!

You can watch the pitches on the Global Shapers Community here:

On a more holistic level, the Global Shapers Community Frankfurt is planning to follow up on this event through a “Next B2B Forum – Urban Impact” event taking place during the month of May next year. The ideas produced during the INNOVARE design-thinking exercise will represent the starting point for the panel discussions to bring human centricity and citizens’ behaviour at the core of circular economy topics.

It was an amazing and truly innovative INNOVARE edition and we thank all the Global Shapers & our Partner for Innovation Union Investment for making this happen.

The next INNOVARE will be at 31st of January. Presenting the world of Property Technology, we have invited two leading experts of the Israeli Ecosystem to come and speak together with the PropTech Experts of UI . Don’t miss out since this will be a very special one!

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