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The question we have heard most often in recent years.

The answer is simple: everything it takes to sustainably initiate, implement, execute and further develop innovations. This can be an educational format or the development of a new medical product. None of our projects is like the ones we’ve done before.

Not sure how to take innovation further in your environment? Then we should talk. We are bound to come up with an idea.

GERMANTECH, Dreidimensionaler Würfel, Umrisse


Innovation and everything that makes it possible

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Conception and implementation of practice-oriented educational formats

Innovation needs knowledge. And awareness. We create both for all target groups, from students to executives. Online courses, seminars or complete Learning Journeys? We design programs for every need and thus create the basis for new innovations and tomorrow’s startups.

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Development and implementation of digitally driven products and business models through to the establishment and scaling of startups

No matter if there is no idea yet, or the implementation has already started. With our offers around ventures, we support every phase – from idea generation to solving implementation challenges. We are also happy to help with a joint startup – for what we like best is to have skin in the game.

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Networking, funding, and co-creation together for, with, and through our partners, stakeholders, and emerging changemakers

This is where we come from and where our heart still beats. We love startups and love to work with anything that supports them. Our conviction motivates us: Strong ecosystems produce strong innovations. All our projects in this area have a direct impact on startups.

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