entrepreneurship & innovation for society


Because it is in the public interest.

Increasingly, we are seeing how crises can become a challenge to the wider community, affecting and impacting all of us, across all economic sectors. It is time to recognize that only even greater collaboration and knowledge sharing will create the synergies we need to address these challenges.

That is why we support public institutions in bringing together different actors and experts and promoting their dialog. So that they can share experiences and knowledge, learn from each other and develop collaboration opportunities. Because together more is possible. Because things can be done faster together. And ultimately, we all benefit from it.

Entrepreneurship Education

Mindset and know-how. That’s what founding a company is all about. And you can learn both – entrepreneurial thinking and practical knowledge. Our training formats, which turn people into entrepreneurs, are based on these two pillars.

Learning Journeys

Which trends and technologies are currently conquering the industries and markets? How can they be used? How does a company become sustainable? During a Learning Journey, a group of like-minded people with a common question goes on a journey of discovery through the Berlin startup scene where they get answers, inspiration and valuable insights into this vibrant ecosystem.

Startup Support Programs

Startups and their founders need a lot of support, especially in the beginning, to get on their feet and grow. In the beginning, there is a lack of everything. Money, strategy, know-how, employees, contacts and much more. Our support programs therefore aim to provide startups with startup assistance and access to the ecosystem in different ways and to varying degrees.


We will be happy to talk about how we can support you concretely with our offer.