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enabling corporates & SMEs to reach new heights


Always exactly the way that suits you best.

For us, unleashing innovation means creating all the prerequisites for sustainably initiating, implementing, executing and further developing innovations. We develop all our offerings together with our customers. Because you know best what you need. This is somewhat different for medium-sized businesses than for DAX corporations.

But these different prerequisites, resources and industries are exactly where GERMANTECH shines. Always tailor-made, always outcome-oriented. And always where you are right now. Whether on a greenfield site or looking to help an already-existing venture. Together with you, we will unleash your next innovation.

Company Building

Ventures, (internal) startups, innovative new products – the child goes by many names. But when it comes to taking the next step with innovation, it makes perfect sense to question old R&D processes. We build (together with you if you wish) Innovation Startup Style. From first ideation to go-to-market. Fast, agile, and always transparent.

Innovation Awards

Our Innovation Awards aren’t just about winning. All right, maybe a little. But the primary goal is bringing together established companies and startups that are relevant in the respective industry. So no trend, no new technology is missed. From investing to joint pilot projects – everything is possible.


The wealth of ideas within a workforce is one of the most underestimated resources of all. With the aim of activating and strengthening companies’ own innovative power, we conduct intrapreneurship programs to train the company’s employees in becoming internal entrepreneurs.

Idea validation

In companies, there are usually plenty of ideas. Most of them never actually get tested in the market. Why is that? We take the pressure to perform off you by testing your ideas with first customers, if desired, even under our name. Validated ideas are worth pursuing. Risk minimization at its best!

Executive Education

Why are startups so fast? How do you work in an agile manner? What tools do young companies use to organize their processes? How do you lead collaboratively? In workshops tailored specifically to the needs of the company, we provide further training for managers and teams.

Entrepreneurship Education

Successfully founding and building up a company is something that has to be learned. This requires the right mindset on the one hand and practical know-how on the other. We impart both in various formats. Also for internal startups and/or spin-offs!

Learning Journeys

During our Learning Journey, your employees have the opportunity to breathe Berlin startup air and immerse themselves in this impressive, electrifying scene. They get to know inspiring founders and their stories, visit exciting locations and can ask all their questions about founding.


We look forward to hearing from you!