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empower the changemakers of tomorrow


The right mindset matters.

We are facing the greatest challenges of our time. To master these challenges, we need creative people who think differently and dare to break new ground. It is therefore high time to promote this urgently needed change in mentality in our schools, colleges and universities.

Our services for educational institutions therefore aim to arm young people with a mindset that allows them to question things, try things out, make mistakes, take risks and seize opportunities. To then, in turn, get them excited about the subject close to our hearts – entrepreneurship – and encourage them to start something up.

Learning Journeys

During our Learning Journey, students have the opportunity to breathe Berlin startup air and immerse themselves in this impressive, electrifying scene. They get to know inspiring founders and their stories, visit exciting locations and can ask all their questions about founding.

Executive Education

The topic of “lifelong learning” has become a no-brainer. But even among people in continuing education at business schools, the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship are often not present enough. We offer readings, workshops and complete modules – everything from practice for practice. And always with the goal of getting participants “doing” as quickly as possible.

Entrepreneurship Education

What skills do I need to create a startup? How do I develop a business idea? How do I know if my business idea has potential? Founding and building a startup – how does that work? And where do I get the money for it? We give you the answers to all your questions and support you on your way.


We would be happy to talk in concrete terms about how we can support you with our services.