supporting the changemakers of tomorrow


Because we know how important support can be, especially at the beginning.

And we firmly believe that you make a decisive contribution to our mission: to successfully bring innovations to market. New models, technologies, products. You are the ones who really drive digitization!

But we also know that it’s hard sometimes. We have been there ourselves so many times. And that’s why we want to lend support. Wherever possible. Not completely unselfishly, because what you do is, as mentioned before, also good for us.

Innovation Awards

Our Innovation Awards aren’t just about winning. Well, maybe a little bit. But what’s more important is that we always hold them with partner institutions from the respective industry. That’s how startups get in touch with industry giants and vice versa. For potential partnerships, pilot projects or orders. Because networking is more important than winning. But why not have both?

Entrepreneurship Education

Learning entrepreneurship – it’s possible. In our classes, we teach the basics and methods, and always give practical insights into startup stories. Because no two are alike and there’s a lot to learn from people who have already gone down this path. This way, first networks are established and valuable feedback is gained. If the idea is already there. If not, it’s bound to come.

GT Innovation Funds

Money makes the world go round. Same goes for the startup world. Especially in the first few months. Together with investors, we set up funds and invest very early in ideas that excite us. But there is more than just money. There is also mentoring and a network of industry experts!

Startup Support Programs

Whether it’s about entering a new market or starting a startup in the first place: It’s easier with a community. Therefore, together with (international) partners, we run programs that not only teach all the important stuff but also facilitate making the right contacts along the way!


We will be happy to talk about how we can support you concretely with our offer.