Innovation is overrated*

*short term, but make it a long run and
it’s immensely underrated!




We are change-makers working with organizations across all sectors to empower the next wave of innovation, supported by our ecosystem of founders, digital pioneers and technology experts.


We are entrepreneurs offering services for corporate partners solving their challenges by identifying, building and scaling new business opportunities.


We are educators hosting purpose-driven non-profit activities to foster and facilitate knowledge and information sharing for all. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our building blocks.

Our Innovation Value Chain


Innovation derives from creativity, open-mindedness and a hint of crazy. Asking from our partners just to be open-minded, we take care of the rest – from identifying problems and finding solutions up to the development of products and ecosystems.

We create both experiences and things with practicable use by 

combining the existing with the ever new, always fostering collaboration and exchange between people.

We grow together, yet aim to enable our partners independence by know-how transfer and organizational empowerment –

Everything we do is to inspire, build and grow a sustainable future!


Great Innovations start with powerful ideas

We inspire your very own spark of genius to achieve greatness

We want to INSPIRE the future

Set the tone for “beyond” tomorrow and believe in changing the status quo for the better. We inspire individuals to go beyond the ordinary and grow as learners, leaders, and innovators.

Therefore we partner with market-leading practitioners and experts to educate and mentor about entrepreneurship and sustainable change. We host our own event series as well as execute projects for our clients to initiate the process of inspiration and resulting transformation.

We believe in challenging ourselves, our community, and our partners. We believe in the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and information to create new thought flows and drivers towards innovation.

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We don't make unicorns We build Zebras*

Unicorns are often unsustainable – economically and ecologically. Zebras combine profit and doing good.
They are black AND white.

We BUILD solutions

We understand that each problem is unique and operate as entrepreneurial partners to individually support every aspect of the development journey.

With our company building unit we create disruptive ventures from the ground up. We validate, implement, and launch new businesses by providing a unique framework for ideation and extensive operational support. Thereby we drive innovation and create game-changing ideas. Our testimonial of happy customers showcases that we are here to support and help build your next milestone.

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We help you face the pain to make you grow

Growing pains are natural, also in business!

We love to GROW

Want to launch or scale your business or community to a new dimension?
Networking and having an ecosystem in place is key to thriving success. Because growth is all about education and collaboration. Therefore we build bridges within our ecosystem to enable an evolution. We host events and educational programs to provide an environment for entrepreneurs to meet, connect, and learn from each other.

While this is constantly expanding our network, we are able to provide a diverse group of experts and mentors to guide employees, founders, and decision-makers to new levels of success, no matter the challenge.

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Our Ecosystem

For GERMANTECH inspiring, building and growing an ecosystem is everything. It is the value we bring to the table.

We define a successful ecosystem as one which entails all significant stakeholder and players, who with the right processes and resources in place, grow symbiotically in strength and opportunities, nurturing each other’s values whilst transforming new ideas into reality.

GERMANTECH prides itself on its ecosystem of founders, digital pioneers, and technology experts. This is a key ingredient in multiplying and diversifying synergies and correlates directly into actionable effects.

Join our ecosystem by visiting our events, listening to our podcast, or following our Youtube channel.
Or reach out to us, to see what you want to add.

Our Events

Our Events are the heart piece of our mission – inspiring, building, and growing the community and network of entrepreneurs.

We are bridging the knowledge exchange via free education and content and enable our participants to build or extend their own ecosystem. The aim is to offer our international audience inspiring speakers and discussions of exciting and controversial topics, whilst always keeping the entrepreneurial spirit in mind.


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THE #wcit podcast

WORLDCHANGERS IN TECH Podcast is inspired through our WCIT event series, which is our public outreach platform to educate and inspire society about the positive effects technology and entrepreneurship has towards a sustainable future.

The podcast aims to extend our WTIC event stage, as audio hear byte, to those speakers near and far!

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“Zebras statt Einhörner”

Our very own MD Maria Gross had the honor to talk about what drives us here at GERMANTECH – businesses that do good and do well. Companies that are purpose & profit, being not only black or white but black AND white. We call those companies Zebras.

We strongly believe in a sustainable future, where a Zebra economy will be a reality.

Listen now to Maria’s “Der Achte Tag” – episode (in German), produced by the incredibly talented team of Gabor Steingart at Media Pioneer.

If you want to learn more about on how your company can become a Zebra, get in touch! We are happy to talk about possible solutions.

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